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Mike Slomkowski

Michael Slomkowski, or, as he is lovingly referred to, Mr. Mike, was born in Saginaw Michigan with a love and passion for the Morgan horse breed. He started showing horses competitively at the age of fourteen and started training horses professionally at sixteen.

He met his late wife and co-founder of Showcase Stables, Ann Slomkowski, in 1982 and were married a year later. They moved to the South Lyon/Northville area in 1984 and founded Showcase that same year.

Ann and Michael pride themselves on specializing in the park, pleasure, and in-hand divisions. Miss Ann had the honor of coaching The Morgan Horse Association’s first saddle-seat equation team and Mr Mike the third coach for said team. Together they have trained numerous World Champions.

Mr. Mike now considers himself “semi-retired” and oversees the barn as the Barn Manager and can be found teaching advanced lessons. Mr. Mike says “Full-time retirement is not an option when you’re doing something you love”


Katie Kendall

At just the age of ten, Katie Kendall was able to start her riding career. She took lessons and with every one she fell more and more in love with horses. Shortly after beginning to ride, she met her first forever horse, Buddy, turning her passion into a lifelong career path.


Katie attended William Woods University in Missouri where she majored in Equestrian Science and minored in Equine Administration. The summers between her college years were spent working for Showcase Stables as a groom and learning the ropes.


Now Katie has taken on a number of roles in the years after her graduation in 2014. Now a trainer and talented instructor, Katie focuses now on shaping the future for both our horses and our riders.


Grant Slomkowski

Grant Slomkowski, the only son to Mike and Ann, was practically born into the life of Horse Showing. Raised alongside a number of world champions, Grant knows what it takes to win and understands what a horse can do. 


When he was young he thought that horses had just as many cooties as the girls that worked with them. While he would spend time at the barn, he was found more often playing baseball and performing Taekwondo. It wasn't until his mid-teens that he decided horses didn't have cooties and followed his parent's footsteps.


He began his training career under his father and strives to bring the same passion and love for the breed as his parents. His favourite memory is showing with his late mother, Ann, in the generation gap class with Outrageous Courageous, an outstanding world champion.


In his free time, Grant enjoys videogames, listening to music on vinyl and spending time with his wife and his family.


Emily Vlisides

Emily started riding with Showcase at the spritely age of six. She fell in love with horses and the sport the moment she stepped into the barn and has been a dedicated member of the Showcase Family.

Starting competitively showing horses at fourteen she worked with her beloved horse Michael in saddle seat and has continued to show with a number of other horses. Both the horses and the stable have held a special place in her heart and she continues to share this passion with new and old riders alike. Emily's experience is primarily in saddle seat and has ridden under-harness in various divisions throughout her ongoing showing career.

When Emily is not teaching or working at the barn she enjoys time with her family, especially her two young nieces Amelia and Maddie.

Maria Ciarelli

Maria started riding at home when she was two and joined Showcase when she turned 10. Through the years Maria has ridden a mix of Saddle-Seat, Hunt and Western.


Her favourite thing about horses is that it gives her a sense of courage to survive whatever life throws her way, it's that calm that she wants to pass along to those riding under her tutelage. Sharing her love of horses with young riders, Maria aims to help build the connection and partnership between rider and animal. 

If Maria is not working with the horses here at Showcase, she is helping her grandparents on their farm with their horses, donkeys, goats, sheep rabbits, chickens and even ducks! Animals are Maria's passion and she brings that passion into every lesson she teaches.

Ella Kim.jpg

Ella Kim

Starting her riding journey through Showcase's very own summer camps, Ella has come full circle. More than a decade later, she has matured into an aspiring horseman, learning the ropes working as a junior lesson instructor, groom and show rider.

Ella has had the unique experience of being taught by Miss Ann. Being taught by two generations of horsemen, she hopes to become a part of the next one.

While Ella primarily rides Saddle-Seat, she has come to love hunt as well, competing at world levels in both. Ella is grateful and considers herself very lucky to have fond her passion and make it the rest of her life. Ella loves to share her passion and love for the sport, horses and all the other Showcase Riders.

Ash Kuehn

When Ash Kuehn started at Showcase they were uncertain about which saddle they belonged in. It took only one lesson in a Hunt saddle to change that. Riding Hunt style -both on the flat and jumper- for close to two decades Ash brings their passion to the sport constantly. Ash has branched out since that first Hunt Seat excursion, participating in competitions for Saddle Seat and Driving at world levels in all three.

Ash spent a few years in Texas and in that time continued their passion for riding and learning by joining a dedicated Hunter barn where they quickly picked up jumping.

Once moved back to Michigan, Ash could not stay away from Showcase and has returned to teach. They focus on budding Hunt Riders who may not know what saddle they belong in.

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